games i’m looking forward to, or games to which i am looking forward

here’s a quick list of the games i’m looking forward to and the games i want to get reviews up for (in no particular order):

dead space (hopefully going to pick up today or tom)

quantum of solace (return to a good james bond game??? the cod 4 engine will help)

mirror’s edge (i mean, seriously, first person parkour? with clean european styling? do you have to be convinced?)

fallout 3 (never played the originals, but the gameplay looks mega-sick)

call of duty: world at war (i.e. “call of ‘i-can’t-believe-they’ve-got-another-game-out-this-fast-even-if-it-is-from-treyarch’ duty 5)

far cry 2 (fps sandbox with no hud to speak of? elegant or idiotic?)

resistance 2 (150 foot tall boss battles? that fight back? this ain’t shadow of the colossus, folks)

bioshock (finally sony fanboys will get to play this fascinating game of the year title — with extra content)

silent hill: homecoming (never played any of the other titles (all 72) but i hear this one is pretty good on the chills)

condemned 2 (see above comment, magnify horror and chill content times 10)

star wars: the force unleashed (more for the narrative than the game, and my nephew cj really wants to play it)

prince of persia (i can definitely be called a sucker for any reboot of a franchise, but they are also looking like there are going in such a different direction that i’m megaton jacked)

that’s all i can think of in terms of games coming out before christmas. before christmas! i think i may have to take out a line of credit at the bank. maybe i can make up a housing purchase or something. might be a little difficult in this day and age….if you have any other suggestions, please let me know! also, this does not include any games coming out after christmas (unless release dates change). that’s a whole nother ball game — resident evil 5, alan wake, heavy rain…great times to be a gamer.

as you can tell, there aren’t any fighters, racing games, sims, dlc games (like braid or bloxx) or sports games on this list. i’m pretty much a narrative driven kind of guy. there are some other jrpgs that i’d like to get my hands on, but i’m kind of really holding out hope that fallout 3 will tide me over in that department for a long time…long enough to get to final fantasy XIII in 2010. supposedly, the rumour is that a demo (a couple of hours long) will ship with the ff VII: advent’s children blu-ray release this coming spring.

in the next couple of days, i’ll put up my list for games that i’m working on reviews. but i can tell you right now that metal gear solid 4 (i.e. the greatest video game ever made [GGE -greatest game ever]) will hopefully be the first one.

and one final note. i’m definitely working on a reviews for some 360 games (i.e. halo 3, mass effect, etc) and there are a ton of 360 games i want to play (fable 2, halo 3 recon, gears of war 2) that i can’t because i got the red ring of death this summer on my machine. so until i can get up the cash for a new/used one, i’m kind of stuck there.


4 thoughts on “games i’m looking forward to, or games to which i am looking forward

  1. I’m thinking a home loan needs to be put into consideration when it comes to all of the great games getting released soon.

    Soo many great games yet so little time and fundage. >.<

  2. ikereeder says:

    no kidding. especially for someone who is getting ready to go into massive debt for a ph.d. overseas! i’m already fretting over how to get my systems over to scotland without having to buy new ones.

  3. c eliott j says:

    Nice list man. I still think you need to try and at least borrow a 360 for the release of Fable 2. The concept videos on IGN are amazing and it looks like for once the studio is totally happy with the completed product. I haven’t played Bioshock but I think a review of it would be perfect early fodder for this blog. One reviewer actually said that at least a rudimentary understanding of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism gives more depth to the player’s experience. Like I said… made for this blog. Also, Fallout 3 is going to be bada$$. I played the first two probably 8 hours a day straight through. They were old school 3rd person perspective RPG’s ala Diablo but the main concept has been left intact. If you want the full experience read McCarthy’s The Road in tandem with playing the game. Talk about drumming up some apocalyptic paranoia.


  4. ikereeder says:

    as to the objectivism, i downloaded the demo before i moved back up here to alaska, (which makes it sound like there is no internet in ak — untrue, just no wireless or lan cable long enough at my sister’s place) and i loved it, played the first 30 min or so. this is one of the really interesting things i want to write about (although i will need to brush up on objectivism): the rand stuff is, when you understand it, laid on pretty thick. i mean, one of the main characters is named “atlas”! but that’s where these types of games, that are really trying to push the boundaries, need to be examined. their subtleties need to be examined in greater detail. same thing with games like half life and their dystopian settings. if movies were to do that we would be decrying their lack of irony.

    and yes, i have read “the road” and i can’t wait to look at fallout in comparison! i’ve never much of a dungeon crawler, like the diablo games, but fallout 3 seems to take that concept to a whole new level. so we’ll see.

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