halo 3 recon trailer … i … can’t … help … myself

okay, one more post today. and i know there’s a lot of folks out there who were disappointed with halo 3.  i wasn’t one of them. i was honestly more dissapointed with halo 2 than 3, if the truth be told. the only level i didn’t like in halo 3 was the second to last, fighting through the flood ship. and even that was okay by the end. i loved rescuing cortana and the line, “thought i’d try shooting my way out. mix things up a little.” halo 3 recon won’t be the same masterpiece of twitch shooting and reflexes and, honestly, if the don’t add a cover system i might even be a little dissappointed; but all in all — i’m looking forward to it. and its a full game. not dlc stuff or an expansion pack. so here’s the new trailer that just came out at the tokyo game show a couple of days ago.


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