fallout 3 midnight release and the road, by cormac mccarthy

as some of you may know, if you follow me on facebook or twitter, i am now officially an employee of gamestop! i know, i know — not every gamer is a gamestop fan and i, too, have been guilty from time to time of complaining about their practices; but i wanted a part-time second job and it was either work in an industry i love or over at best buy/american eagle/eddie bauer/fill in the nameless company in the mall. so now, i get paid (not very much) to stand around in the store and talk to folks about games. i mean, seriously, could it get any better? and i got my copy of fallout 3 last night for like 40 dollars. however, i have worked until 1 am the last two nights and it has been a little bit exhausting (especially with getting up in the morning to go over to the school district and take the kids to school). as such, i haven’t finished my look at harold bloom, influence and dead space (although i have finished the game).

i also, these past few days, started re-reading george r.r. martin’s a song of fire and ice series in the futile hopes that it will make a dance of dragons appear that much more quickly. strangely i’ve had a little bit more trouble getting into it this time (as opposed to the last three times i’ve re-read it). that, too, i have put on hold to re-read cormac mccarthy’s pulitzer prize winning novel, the road. if you haven’t read the road yet… *put down whatever you are reading and go pick up a copy now!* that’s my recommendation for today. it is a sparse, cutting, and almost painful novel that paints a more realistic picture of what a post-apocalyptic world could possibly be than anything i have seen or read before. this is probably because, as opposed to many other apocalyptic works, mccarthy’s apocalypse is much more in line with t.s. eliot’s poem, the hollow men. “this is the way the world ends / not with a bang but a whimper.” i am very much looking forward to starting fallout 3 while reading the road. i think there are going to be some very interesting parallels. i haven’t played the first two fallouts, or the psp game, or the board game, but from what i’ve seen and read we are looking at something that has traces of a mad max feel to it, but avoids completely descending into the nihilism of those movies. we’ll see how that turns out. stay tuned for that post!

i want to close by saying this: the midnight release of fallout 3 was awesome. we had a quiz and door prizes; around 75 people showed up. mrs. fields, right next store to gamestop, opened their doors for late night coffee and cookies and there was some awesome conversation and debate. i even had to defend being a halo 3 fanboy! and a ps3 fanboy! and my shirt! wait… not the last one. the next two midnight releases we have — gears of war 2 and world of warcraft: wrath of the lich king — are going to be a lot more crazy and no where near as intimate. apparently we lead all gamestops in midnight sales for the last wow release (burning crusade) and at the halo 3 launch we had folks lined up around the ice rink for three levels. so this was a nice one to start out on! but i can’t wait! my job is door patrol, crowd duty, quiz giver, and all around entertainer — my job at an inner city school has prepared me immensely! i let you know how those go as well.

until next time — keep a book beside your game.


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