best. commercial. ever. period. and it was banned

in all the hype that surrounds the big game, the advertisements get almost as much press as the players and the play itself. the commercials have been, and now will always be, part of the pure ethos of the superbowl itself, inextricably linked from the spectacle of the event–a momentary cult of personality. over at, the boys and girls have compiled a great collection of the greatest video game commericals of all time.  one vid in particular is an absolutely classic commercial from xbox, part of their “jump in” campaign from a little while ago. it was only shown in the uk because of being banned in the states for “perpetuating violence.” seriously people. we won’t show a huge train station where people are essentially playing cops and robbers, but we will show violent shoot-em ups and frag fests with real guns all the time. this ad is a great reminder that, in essence, vidoe games are still cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, king of the hill, racing through the jungle gym and slide. things we all loved to do on the playground as kids. game daily has a great (and better) write up on it at the above link. check it out. (especially the sniper at about 50 seconds. hil-ar-i-ous.)


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