in the intermission… flight of the conchords

i haven’t had a chance to write much the last couple of weeks, but i’m almost done with far cry 2 to and have some thoughts i’ll toss out soon. in the interim, i haven’t watched much of season 2 of flight of the conchords, but this video made me spit my coffee back out the other morning. so enjoy…


2 thoughts on “in the intermission… flight of the conchords

  1. HK says:

    Never thought you’d ever get so much into video games! Gone through Far Cry, but have not had the chance to game FC2 any. Is it worth its mon-ay?

    P.S. – love the video

  2. ikereeder says:

    thanks, hermann! good to hear from you, also. yeah, crazy how time changes things, huh? i remember the good ol’ dreamcast in the classroom days with josh parker! as to fc2 it is a lot of fun but somewhat repetitive. if you played the original fc on pc (not the 360 ports and expansions which are terrible) then the closest thing to that is crysis (both made by crytek). fc 2 honestly has more in common with assassin’s creed in many ways. but the gunplay is sharp, the weapons are pretty stout, driving mechanic is good and the game is hella long. you really have to put some time into it for it to get good. but once it does, i think its pretty worth it. thanks for popping in, bro!

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