i’m on the radio!

C.S. Lewis

J.R.R. Tolkien

hello, all. haven’t been on here in a bit! working two or three jobs and being in a relationship will do that to you, i guess! but hopefully i’ll be on here more in the future. i may actually be starting a new blog in the near future having to do with an entirely different set of issues, but i’ll keep you posted on that front. this particular entry is to let you know that i’ll be on the radio soon! my dad, as many of you know, is the pastor at briarwood presbyterian church in birmingham, al. one of his radio programs is “conversations with harry.” it is available on the radio and in podcast form. they are short ten minute conversations which are designed to be informative about culture, christianity, and faith. on friday i am recording two weeks worth of conversations with him on j.r.r. tolkien and c.s lewis. for those who don’t know, my graduate work principally resides in that area, the early 20th century anglo-catholic renaissance (csl, jrrt, ts eliot, gk chesterton, etc.). i’ll keep the links updated and all, but let’s get a good number of downloads and listens and facebook likes for my dad and tom lamprecht (his producer). it’s a great show for followers of Christ and i highly recommend it! i’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “i’m on the radio!

  1. Chris Johnston says:

    Looking forward to listening Ike. If you ever make it back our way I would love to pick your brain on one of the lesser known Inklings, Charles Williams. He seemed to be quite the strange bird and I am interested to know what your thoughts are on his work.

  2. ikereeder says:

    thanks chris! i would love to chat about williams. his influence on lewis in the ww ii and post years before his death (williams, that is), is quite pronounced. taliesen through logres is a beautiful and phenomenally complex collection of poetry that is very rewarding but very challenging. and i love his work on dante, beatrice, and the christian beatific vision. hope to chat soon!

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